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Online Technology Product And Business Innovator

Online Technology Product And Business Innovator

Eric Innovates, Prototypes, And Develops Web Technology Products And Businesses

Eric Innovates, Prototypes, And Develops Web Technology Products And Businesses


If you have a web product or application idea that you need developed or you are seeking new innovative ideas, Eric has the creativity, experience, and ingenuity to help.

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Eric can take your web product, application, or invention idea, prepare a detailed product development roadmap spec, and create a proof of concept working prototype.

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Eric is a highly experienced hands-on full lifecycle web application developer who has the expertise and technology base to rapid develop your market ready product.

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Want To Talk With Eric About An Internet Product Or Business Idea?

If you have an idea for a web based technology product or business idea you want innovated and developed, or you want to review the current innovations Eric is working on that can be the basis of starting a new business, he would be happy to talk with you about your objectives.

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Build A Business Around A Web Application

Let Eric Weissman help you build a business based on your online product idea, or one of Eric's.

Timely plan creation

Eric can quickly put together a product business idea plan, programming spec, and overall project plan of action.

Rapid development

Eric can rapid develop a working prototype or market ready system to be used as proof of concept or to start selling.

Online demonstrations

Eric can conduct online demos of the product for potential venture capital investor and partnership presentations.

Current Bot Powered Web Application Products Under Development

One of Eric's specialties is developing web technology products that are powered by internet robots, and are generally based on a small business idea or business model that he has created or discovered. Here are some of Eric's internet robot or web crawler powered product innovations that he is currently working on in various stages of development.

Penny Shark™ utilizes Eric's proprietary state-of-the-art web search robot and indexer to profile and allow users to open text search the websites of over 7,000 penny stock companies. In addition, users can monitor the websites and be alerted when there are changes on the company leadership page, blog, services, home page, etc.

Resume Simulator™ allows job seekers and career minded professionals to simulate how their resume will be read by ATS (applicant tracking system) resume analysis robots. In addition, job seekers can see how a robot might compare their resume to a given job description.

Botlytics™ allows users to see how a search engine indexing robot would read and index their website. In addition, users can access real-time analytics of search engine indexing robot activity on their website.

Tweezler™ allows a user to click a button in their browser and deploy a personal internet robot to fetch the current website, parse out contact information, leadership information, social media links, and more, and enter the content into a contact management system

FAQ Magic™ is a revolutionary new way to use an intelligent internet robot to turn your website's FAQ section into pages that attract organic search traffic and enhance pay per click advertising quality ranking.

Websitelytics™ utilizes proprietary internet robots to find and visit a wide range of websites within a given industry and produce global analytics about trending words, common site pages, navigation and usability quality, and more!

Zweeble™ is a news, blog, and social content discovery and aggregation engine that uses internet robots to assemble and analyze content and turn it into publishable pages.

Tailwords™ is a robot that takes several keyword sets and creates every possible combination, producing an extensive and expanded short tail, mid tail, and long tail keyword list for your pay per click campaigns.

Web Directory Bot™ is a powerful proprietary intelligent internet robot that builds, enhances, maintains, and grows online web directories and niche search engines. Web Directory Bot™ takes the subject matter keywords, crawls the web, finds relevant websites, and populates a directory. Web Directory Bot™ is also used to enhance the listings on existing web directories.

What Are The Technical Components Of A Web Application?

Eric Weissman is a highly experienced hands-on full life-cycle web application developer and internet business startup entrepreneur, allowing him to program and develop all components of a system, and participate in starting a new business based on a product idea.

Back-End Databases

The back-end databases store all data for the application, and are accessed by all other components of the system.

Back-End Automation Processes

The back-end automation processes use robots, cron jobs, and scripts to perform automation data and functional tasks.

System And Middleware Programming

Middleware code sits between the back-end databases and automation processes, and the front end user interfaces.

Front End And Admin User Interface

A front end graphical user interface (GUI) gives end users and system administrative users access to the data and processes.

What Are The Functional Components Of A Web Application?

Web applications need to have a great name, be easy to use, work on all devices, and have a strong value proposition.

A Great Product Name And Associated Domain Name

The name and domain name should be as short as possible, be easy to pronounce and remember, and be trademark-able.

Intuitive Design That Is Easy To Understand And Use

The user interface of the web application must be intuitive, easy to understand and follow, and be visually pleasing.

Fully Responsive Mobile Friendly Design

A web application must be designed to function properly on all devices including desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Very Strong Value Proposition That Produces An ROI

A web application must solve a problem or enhance an experience, and present a tangible return on investment for the user.

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